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flewmymind said: Haha, ewww. Sorry to hear it and I hope you can get your foot to feel clean soon! I know things with small children get messy, but why was there poop on the floor?

That’s the part I didn’t even want to think about! I’m assuming that it was stuck somewhere and then sorta fell out onto the floor. Ruined my entire day for sure.

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I nanny for two young boys. I nanny in a home where shoes are not preferred inside. I was walking around barefoot the other day and I stepped on something squishy. I was terrified to look because I had a feeling it was something disgusting. I looked under my foot and picked off the small brown squish and made the terrible discovery that it was a turd. I stepped on a human child turd barefoot. My life is over. I’m scarred for all of eternity. 

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